Beginner and intermediate handstand workshop


13:30 – 16:30

Yoga013 Studio
Ceramstraat 12
5013BB Tilburg

Hey, I’m Marius Gremaud, I’m familiar with handstand since a young age. I started circus at the age of seven in my home country, Switzerland. I became passionate about handstands during the end of my career in a youth circus company. I wanted to pursue my dream of becoming a circus artist and started a higher education in ACaPA, a circus school based in Tilburg, Netherland. I have now graduated and focus mainly on teaching my skills to beginners willing to progress in the art of hand balancing that I mastered during my bachelor degree.
During five years I have been educated as a circus artist specialized in handstand and I’ve just graduated in June 2022. While studying with teachers from around the world I created my own methodological approach. I want to share and teach the knowledge I acquired through practice and passion.


Always wanted to stand on your hands, but never knew how to start? This workshop is designed for beginners with or without experience. We will break down the technique of handstands and practice in detail so you can safely move further on your handstand journey. The exercises during the workshop are given according to your level.

We will start to practice off the wall so you will learn to carefully put your hands on the floor and feel your own weight. We will then practice handstand against the wall to gain endurance and confidence. This is a key concept that requires a lot of tips to be understood. With some spotting and personal help from me as a teacher we will initiate the idea of balance.

The workshop goal is to teach you the basics of a handstand; balancing a few seconds while reaching a good form and acquiring a methodology for training. I’ll give insight to teaching sessions. You will be able to explore the discipline in a playful manner.

The practice of handstands can be hard – and having to train alone is often difficult. I found out that my progress has been better while supported by a teacher. And what I learned through my teachers and practice I’d love to teach! In this workshop I will share mistakes I did while learning handstands for myself.

I hope to see you there and help you on your path to a steady handstand!

Souvenir from the last workshop held in Yoga013 in October 2022.